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Tax Controversy & Disputes

Guiding businesses and individuals through legal tax problems

We’ve earned a reputation for navigating complex tax disputes well. More than just your legal representatives, we are your partners on the journey to a resolution. We believe in making the process understandable and achievable while we lead you to the right result.



Tax Controversy, Disputes, and Tax Debts.

Housh Tax Law protects your financial interests. With hundreds of tax audits under our belt, we have carried tax dispute cases through every potential stage: audit, appeal, and tax court trials to manage tax debt for our clients. 


Tax Audits

Generally, a tax controversy or tax dispute begins when you are the subject of a state or IRS tax audit.  

Key tip: one size does not fit all when it comes to addressing a tax audit.  We know how to tell the difference, and adapt a strategy to your unique case.  Problems auditees face include records being unavailable, or expenses being listed in the wrong category.  In some cases, income or expenses should have been reported in a different year.  

Whether you are facing one of the above obstacles, or something uniquely your own, the Housh Tax Law brings the creativity and deep knowledge to find a comprehensive solution.

Unhappy with your Tax Audit? You Should Consider Appealing It.

Due to the impartiality of the IRS Appeals Division, taxpayers often achieve more favorable outcomes than they were initially confronted with by other branches of the IRS. Appeals Officers aren’t rewarded for the amount of tax collected, but rather for swift and equitable resolutions. Housh Tax Law can assist in presenting your materials and your case to your advantage in appeal.

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Tax Court: A Taxpayer’s Most Powerful Weapon

Like the Appeals Division, the advantage of the Tax Court is that it is an impartial forum for resolving disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities over tax deficiencies, penalties, and other tax-related issues. 

Judges in tax court are specialists in tax law, ensuring a fair hearing and interpretation of tax regulations. The Tax Court also allows taxpayers to dispute their tax liabilities without prepaying the disputed amount, making it a less costly and time-consuming alternative to traditional litigation in federal or state courts. 

Housh Tax Law can educate you about the benefits of taking your tax controversy to Tax Court, and guide you through the process.


Tax Collection Representation: Take the Burden Off Your Business, Or Yourself

Complex tax debt problems often affect high-net-worth individuals.  They require finesse, nuance, and discretion to solve; the alternative is a feeding frenzy. Multiple tax agencies will all be competing to collect, with the business owner at the center, desperate to stay in business.  

Chris Housh prides himself on the relationships he has built with revenue officers and tax collectors over 15 years of representing individuals and businesses with tax problems. Housh Tax Law leverages those relationships on your behalf. 

We negotiate with tax authorities to establish manageable payment plans and reduce outstanding debts, prioritizing your financial well-being.  We offer a wide range of tax resolution services to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe through an offer in compromise or installment payment agreement.  You may even qualify not to pay anything at all.


Employee Misclassification and Payroll Tax Debt Resolution

Housh Tax Law assists businesses in both income tax preparation and planning, as well as in correctly classifying their workers and defending them in employee misclassification tax audits. 

Addressing misclassification issues promptly can help businesses avoid costly penalties and legal disputes, and maintain a positive reputation. We can steer you through the complexities of payroll tax compliance, and resolve payroll tax disputes with authorities. 

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We are ready to assess your situation and, most importantly, provide you with a clear plan to regain control. We bring the expertise and dedication to get you to a brighter financial future.